Fatal VenomGear


Pearl Reactive

by Motiv

Technical Specifications

RG = 2.48
MB = 0.00
Diff = 0.031
Flare : 3+
Lane Condition : Light-Medium Oil
Infusion™ Pearl Reactive
5500 Grit LSP
Green/ Grey
Utilizing the latest Infusion™ Pearl Reactive cover, the Fatal Venom™ offers great length and angularity. These traction characteristics joined with the control of the Gear™ core provide a clean and moderately angular motion that is ideal for scoring on drier lanes.
The Fatal Venom™ provides a deadly combination of length with an angular strike on light-medium oil conditions. It features the latest MOTIV® cover technology and the outstanding original Gear™ core from the Venom™ Shock. The Gear™ core gives the Fatal Venom™ both low RG and low differential so it spins super-fast with minimal track flare. The result is a stable ball motion with massive energy retention.