Solid Reactive

by Hammer

Technical Specifications

RG = 2.514
MB = 0.0
Diff = 0.042
Flare : Aggressive overall hook
Lane Condition : Medium to Heavy Oil
Aggression Solid
500, 1500 Siaair Micro Pad
Dark Blue / Black
The Modified Speheroid has a flip block added to the top of the body of the core to help increase overall motion. The modification raises the RG while leaving the differential the same. The change allowed us to use an aggressive cover and finish and now gives Hammer a big-solid symmetric ball that Hammer fans will love.
The Web series of balls has been another popular nameplate for Hammer, and they have all complimented the Black Widows very well. We have engineered multiple cores for Webs over time to target different reactions, and the Dark Web uses a newly enhanced version of the Spheroid core.