Laser SniperGear


TruShot™ Polythane

by Motiv

Technical Specifications

RG = 2.68
MB = 0.0
Diff = 0.10
Flare : Low
Lane Condition : ALL
TruShot Polythane
5500 Grit LSP
Neon Green
The Sniper™ series stands out because of the reputation for incredible cover resiliency. Typical polyester spare balls are brittle and it’s common for them to chip and damage easily. The Laser Sniper™ might just be a spare ball, but it demonstrates the MOTIV® commitment to quality and innovation.
The Neon Green Pearl Laser Sniper™ is the latest spare ball utilizing MOTIV® TruShot™ Polythane technology, which provides the performance of polyester with the durability of urethane. Combining this cover technology with the proven Hollow-Point core, the Laser Sniper™ is precisely engineered for accurate spare shots.