Pride EmpireGear


Pearl Reactive

by Motiv

Technical Specifications

RG = 2.50
MB = 0.010
Diff = 0.042
Flare : 5+
Lane Condition : Medium Oil
Propulsion™ Pearl Reactive
5000 Grit LSP
Green /Black
The Dominion™ asymmetrical core at the heart of the Pride™ Empire also displays special characteristics. A moderate primary RG differential and low intermediate allow the ball to dominate on lower oil volumes and higher friction surfaces than more powerful asymmetric balls like the Jackals, which are designed for higher volume patterns. Additionally, the asymmetric physics of the Pride™ Empire provides ball drillers with greater layout versatility since weight holes are no longer allowed in competition.
The Pride™ Empire introduces a new level of backend speed to the MOTIV® line. Featuring the brand-new Propulsion™ Pearl Reactive cover stock, this beast showcases an angular response unlike anything before.