Ripcord VelocityGear


Pearl Reactive

by Motiv

Technical Specifications

RG = 2.53
MB = 0.0
Diff = 0.047
Flare : 5+
Lane Condition : Medium Oil
Infusion™ MVP Reactive
5500 Grit LSP
Blue/Yellowish Gold
Speed Dominant: Speed dominant players will use the Velocity as their burn ball. What the Velocity offers is more angle down lane than anything else available. For speed dominant players, that is the last crucial piece in the progression, a ball that can make the corner when they have to use angle. Balanced: When balanced bowlers need help through the front and angle through the pins, the Ripcord Velocity is the best option. For balanced bowlers on higher friction surfaces where the front of the lane is an issue, this Ripcord will have no problem giving the length needed with a surprising pop down lane. Rev Dominant: For players who have rev rate to spare, the Ripcord Velocity is like cheating. The incredible angles this ball can create for a rev dominant player are something nobody else on the lane will be able to mimic. When getting steep is key, rev dominant players will have an unfair advantage with the Ripcord Velocity.
t’s all about angle! From core to cover, the Ripcord™ Velocity is built to fly fast and corner hard. The dual-density Oblivion™ core is a complex work of engineering unlike anything else in the world. It features a massive flip-block to make the Ripcord™ Velocity come off the oil pattern as violently as possible. And with a high RG and moderate differential the Oblivion™ core is dialed in for versatility on medium oil conditions. “We’ve had this core for a few years now and I feel like we are still learning tricks that we can do with it,” said MOTIV® Tour Rep Nick Pahr. To take full advantage of the dynamic characteristics of the Oblivion core, MOTIV® is featuring new Infusion™ MVP Reactive cover stock on the Ripcord Velocity. Evolving from the technology used on the Fatal Venom, Infusion MVP produces easy length and an unbelievable change of direction down lane. This new cover technology is allowing us to shape the ball and create angles that we haven’t seen before, said Brett Spangler of MOTIV. Tuned with a 5500 Grit LSP finish, the Ripcord Velocity has speed to spare.