Asymmetric (DynamiCore)

Solid Reactive

by Radical

Technical Specifications

RG = 2.484
MB = 0.020
Diff = 0.052
Flare : strong Hook
Lane Condition : Medium to Heavy Oil
MOtion Magic Solid
500, 2000 Siaair
Black / Grey / Blue
hese core numbers reflect the power and continuation of the Trailblazer Solid. Add in the very aggressive MOtion Magic Solid cover, and you have a strong hooking, quick response asymmetrical ball.
The Trailblazer Solid is one of Mo Pinel’s cores and was designed to respond quickly to friction, evident by an intermediate differential of 0.020. The numbers on the Trailblazer Solid are 2.484 RG, 0.052 differential, and a 0.020 intermediate differential.