Trident OdysseyGear


Solid Reactive

by Motiv

Technical Specifications

RG = 2.49
MB = 0.017
Diff = 0.054
Flare : 7+
Lane Condition : Varies
Coercion™ FYS Solid Reactive
2000 Grit LSS
Blue/ Red/ Dark Blue
The Trident™ Odyssey features the most recent tweak to the Coercion™ coverstock system, with the introduction of Coercion™ FYS (Full Yield Solid). The uniqueness of the Coercion™ FYS cover is that it creates vast amounts of hook for the bowler without reading so early that it loses down lane continuation
The Trident™ Odyssey is the epic new addition to the popular Trident™ line. Featuring an aggressive cover and the return of a past favorite core, the Trident™ Odyssey creates maximum hook without giving away down lane motion. Designed for control in medium-heavy to heavy oil conditions, the Trident Odyssey is a necessary addition to the bag of any bowlers encountering higher volumes of oil