Web PearlGear


Pearl Reactive

by Hammer

Technical Specifications

RG = 2.48
MB = 0.00
Diff = 0.048
Flare : Length W/ Continuous Backend
Lane Condition : Medium Oil
Aggression Pearl
500/1000 Abralon, Polished W/ Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish
Get Caught Up. Again. This time, there's no escaping the spider's web. AGGRESSION PEARL COVERSTOCK Aggression Pearl creates easy length through the front part of the lane with an angular move to the pocket at the breakpoint. By combining this cover with our Spheroid Core, Web Pearl will be perfect for medium oil patterns. SPHEROID CORE The Spheroid Core has quickly become a staple in the Hammer product line, offering the perfect symmetrical complement to our famous Gas Mask Core. The low RG design is complemented by the medium differential, offering a strong midlane read. Web Pearl carries Hammer's three-year warranty.